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The Adam Teo Collection PDF Print E-mail
Written by Daniel Chia   
Thursday, 26 May 2005 17:51

Photography by Ng Hak Beng © 2005 . Click each photograph to supersize it.

In late 1998 , when I heard that George Lucas was finally going to release a new Star Wars film, I went online to try to find like-minded Star Wars fans in Singapore, and found my way to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it which had been started by a very young man by the name of Adam Teo. Little did I know then that my association with this small group of Star Wars fans would result in so many wonderful friendships formed, and that a website like www.starwars.sg would find its genesis from those humble beginnings. How appropriate it is then that the very first Star Wars collection that we are featuring is that belonging to none other than Adam Teo himself.



It was thus on a recent Saturday afternoon that I found myself driving in pouring rain , rain so heavy that it felt like I was on Kamino , to try to find my way to Adam's house. A wrong turn brought me to a really rural part of Singapore , where a small river overflowing its banks forced me to drive through a small road flooded with muddy water. This wasn't Kamino.... it felt more like Dagobah !

Imagine my great relief when I finally arrived at the doorstep of Adam's house, where I was warmly welcomed in by Adam and his beautiful wife, Angelia, and their son Aiken.

So was the ardous trip worth it ? Let's just say that the rain was quickly forgotten, as I entered the amazing world of Star Wars again .....


What was the first Star Wars film that you saw, and how old were you then ? What was your initial reaction to it?
Adam : The first Star Wars film that I saw was Return of the Jedi on TV in the 80s. I loved the ewoks...haha

When did you start collecting, and why ?

Adam : First toy was a han solo which I bit off the head....did not really start to collect till around 1997 or so, tried to complete the Freeze Frame series as I thought it might be the easiest to complete...I was wrong..with the weequay and sandtrooper...haha

Name 3 of your most prized items in your collection, and why are they special to you.
Adam :
Weequay FF ( it took me forever to find it)

Gentle Giants Sandtrooper & Dewback Statue Diorama (the likeness and
uniqueness of the statue base)

ROTJ Wicket the Ewok (my first AFA figure)

How much have you spent so
far ?

Adam: I don't dare to count....

What do you think is the future of Star Wars now that all 6 films are completed ?
Adam : Star Wars to me is a wonderful memory and will always be a part of me. For the general public, with the Clone Wars Animation and stuff, it will definitely move onto the TV and maybe even Internet Short Clips.

My wish is is... Dear Old Lucas, please try to complete the next 3 episodes ( Episodes VII, VIII and IX ) on film , or maybe his kids can help to fulfil the legacy.....which I guess they might.....

We can only hope....