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Recall the Rose Parade? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Leonard Chia   
Thursday, 17 January 2008 14:29
Do you recall when we announced that two of our local 501st troopers were going to be part of the 2007 Rose Parade? The parade is an annual event in the USA on New Year's Day, but that year was special to Star Wars fans because George Lucas presided as Grand Marshall, and the parade featured an International ensemble of 501st members. Here's the link to the previous announcement.

Many troopers wished they could have been part of the contingent, and the rest of us wished we could have been there to experience the event. Have you dreamt that we would have something similar in Singapore one day?

Well...... WE SOON WILL !!! More details will be announced soon, but if you have been participating in our forum, you probably already know what we are hinting.

[updated on Saturday 26 January] Here's a sneak peek.... and one word - CHINGAY !!! More will be revealed next week.


More photos and videos in our forum.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 09 March 2008 09:09 )
Upcoming Order 66 twin-packs PDF Print E-mail
Written by Leonard Chia   
Sunday, 13 January 2008 16:00

You have probably heard about the upcoming Order 66 twin-packs which include: Obi-Wan Kenobi & Arc Trooper Commander, Tsui Choi & Barc Trooper, Emperor Palpatine & Commander Vill...

Here's a teaser of the sets in their packaging










[updated on Tuesday 15 January] and here we go,

(3 of 6) Tsui Choi and Barc Trooper


(4 of 6) Emperor Palpatine and Commander Vill

(1 of 6) Obi-Wan Kenobi and Arc Trooper Commander

Discuss this in our forum...

Last Updated ( Friday, 15 February 2008 06:26 )
Tanjong Pagar GRC Fiesta @ Orchard PDF Print E-mail
Written by Leonard Chia   
Sunday, 08 July 2007 13:17

On Saturday 7 July, the 501st joined in the festivities at Tanjong Pagar GRC Fiesta @ Orchard.  The troopers had large numbers of eager fans coming forward to seek photo opportunities, almost stealing the limelight from the many cosplayers who were participating in the cosplay competition on the main stage.

East meets West - Vader with one of the cosplayers.  But despite what the banner reads... no, they did not end up dancing.

 See more photos and discuss this event in our forum


Last Updated ( Thursday, 11 October 2007 06:08 )
AOSW T-shirt arrives up North PDF Print E-mail
Written by Leonard Chia   
Monday, 06 November 2006 15:31

Image provided by The SITH OverLord

Remember our AOSW T-shirt giveaways a couple of months back?  We are glad to announce that the final T-shirt prize has been safely escorted up North by Tie Pilot Haldir, and arrived in the hands of the overjoyed The SITH OverLord.  Thanks Haldir and congrats once again to The SITH OverLord.  And if you are wondering why they are in costume, do check out the forum discussion.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 06 December 2006 07:25 )
Sunday 29 October Roadshow at China Square Central PDF Print E-mail
Written by Leonard Chia   
Monday, 30 October 2006 09:38


This afternoon saw the most number of forum members appearing in CSC wearing our Starwars.sg T-shirt.  Cool sight to have so many of us in "uniform" :)

Several new costumers made their debut appearances alongside our seasoned costumers.  Not to be outdone, there were also seasoned costumers appearing in new costumes.  The CSC crowd was well-rewarded with many opportunities to have photos taken with Vader, Anakin, Darth Maul, Royal Guards, Stormtroopers, Sandtroopers, Biker Scouts, Tie Pilot... But the crowd-favourite for the day would have to be the "mini-clone".

Find out more about the event and join in the discussion in our forum [click here]

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 28 November 2006 06:54 )
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