STGCC is now ongoing! Print
Written by Leonard Chia   
Saturday, 11 December 2010 09:39

STGCC opened on Friday, and will end on Sunday evening.  Here's a glimpse at what's on at our and 501st Legion booth @ F18.


 Two choices of backdrops to have your photos taken with Star Wars characters including Darth Vader, R2-D2, Stormtroopers and more... Help us do our bit for the Singapore Children's Society.  [Insider Tip: Watch for a running change in the backdrop... A new backdrop will be available for Sunday!]



Han Solo and Chewbacca working on the Millennium Falcon... Technically, it's Chewbacca doing the work and Han doing the telling :)  This is just part of the Echo Base Hangar scene we created.  Come see the full scene at our booth. [Insider Tips: Do examine the Millennium Falcon display closely.  You may be pleasantly surprised with two "easter eggs" we have embedded in the scene :) ]
Millennium Falcon
The Battle of Hoth, recreated with over 40,000 Lego bricks! from the personal collections of the team at  [Insider Tips: Keep watch on the Rebel troops.  Another "easter egg" we have embedded in the scene. And it's always good to keep a bird's eye view, you may see new things ;)  ]

Battle of Hoth