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Written by Daniel Chia   
Monday, 22 May 2006 15:27
Photography by Don Leow © 2006

In our runup towards the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars Episode IV : A New Hope in 2007 , held the first of many Roadshows to come on 21st May 2006 at China Square Centre .

The team had known for quite some time that I had been running charity auctions my own on in aid of the Bethany Children's Orphanage in Myanmar, which is a charity which I personally support. " Why not come down and run a charity sale in conjunction with our roadshow? " came the invitation from the big-hearted team.

In addition to that invitation came an overwhelming deluge of support from my dear friends from , from manpower in lugging 10 huge plastic boxes full of Star Wars collectibles all the way to our stall at China Square Centre, to setting up a wonderful table display of Star Wars collectibles , to many who came in Star Wars costumes to lend a festive air to the Roadshow AND more importantly , to draw the huge crowds to our charity stall !


I was personally deeply touched by the outpouring of support from every Star Wars fan who came to support this event. The Star Wars costumers were there from 9am to 6pm , and despite half hourly breaks, they were totally exhausted and drained by day's end ..... still, they persevered , they endured endless requests for pictures to be taken with them, gave out hundreds of leaflets promoting the website, drew the crowds to the store , and even suffered prodding and punching by young children who just needed to find out for themselves if there was a real person inside those great costumes !

 "Excuse me, officer.....  Is this the correct way to Hoth ? "


There were the fans who stayed on their feet for 9 straight hours without a chance to sit down or even eat their lunches , dealing with the crowds eager to get a good deal at the Charity Sale . Never once did I see anyone lose their composure or stop smiling at potential customers , even though they were obviously tired . AND then there were wonderful Star Wars fans such as Ben Loh who brought his entire family to support the store . After coming twice to look the stall over, Ben reached into his pocket and said in the most encouraging voice , " Listen .... I've got most of everything that you have on sale here and don't need anything more, but I would like to make a donation to the Orphanage .... " What a great gesture , and one that I am deeply thankful for .... and this was just one of the many manifestations of the kind of generous spirit that most true Star Wars fans that I know have , and which I saw being manifested over and over again today .


From the bottom of my heart, and on behalf of the 70 orphans from the Bethany Children's Home in Myanmar , I would like to thank deeply everyone who was involved in the Roadshow today ..... from members of the team , to my dear, dear friends who came in Star War regalia , to those who donated and bought items from the Charity Sale , and to many others who emailed or called in their support even though they could not be physically there with us today ..... A BIG THANK YOU !


The SECOND Roadshow will be held on Sunday 11th June 2006 at China Square Centre as part of the special Collector's Fair . A second Charity Sale will be held, with even MORE Star Wars collectibles going at great prices , even MORE Star Wars Costumers making their appearances, AND we will be playing Star Wars music all day that day !

If you missed our roadshow today, don't miss our second Roadshow !

See you there !

 " Ya got a problem with that ? "

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